Everybody can start a travel blog.  It’s easy to get started!  Yes, having a travel blog is a thing.  I started travel blogging in July 2015 and so far, I still love it!  Being a travel blogger is a full-time job… even if you already have a full-time job.

Blogging is also putting yourself out there. It’s writing.  It’s socializing.  It’s networking.  It’s promoting. It’s a lot of work! Let’s see how you can create a travel blog of your own.

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If you’re not sure if blogging is the right option for you, you might want to take a look at these options to make money while traveling.

Without further ado, let’s talk about travel blogging for beginners!


Travel Blogging For Beginners Step By Step

There you have it – the simple steps to get started as a travel blogger. If you want more details on each step, I also wrote a complete guide from brainstorming to launch.

Thinking of Starting a Blog?


Blogging NO to Blogging PRO walks you to the steps so you can get started from scratch.

(42 pages)

You can also grab the workbook to help you brainstorm and come up with ideas when launching your blog.

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 1. Figuring Out If Travel Blogging Is For You

First, you’ll have to think about your potential readers.

Who is your travel blog for?  What’s your niche?  Who would you like to reach?  How?  Which kind of blogs would you like to have? Which kind of blogs do you like? What would you like to be known for? What makes you different?

Once you answered these questions, you might want to give up… or keep going.

The thing is – there are so many travel blogs out there, so if you want to stand out, you’ll need to have a solid strategy including a niche.

Watch this video to learn if blogging is for you and what are great reasons to start a blog.


2. Pick A Name For Your Travel Blog

So, what’s the name of your travel blog?  Make sure that the domain is available.  But, think further; make sure this name is also available on every single social media you’re thinking of using.

在任何地方创建社交媒体帐户:Facebook、Instagram、Twitter、Youtube、Pinterest。 试着选择一些容易记住、容易写的东西。



除非你想先尝试写博客,否则你可以注册WordPress。com免费。 如果你打算认真对待旅游博客,我建议你自己主持博客并安装WordPress。 你也可以通过你的主机获得你的域名!  

就我个人而言,我正在使用 BlueHost.  关于这位主持人的观点是有争议的,但我从未与他们有过任何分歧。他们的客户服务很容易使用,他们的平台很快,如果您使用Cloudflare,您将能够拥有一个非常快速的网站。

如果BlueHost不存在,我可能会尝试 现场地面 因为他们也享有很高的声誉(比Bluehost好得多,但要贵一点) 





一旦你注册了托管计划,你就可以进入你的仪表板下载WordPress了。 东家 现在提供了一个自动WordPress安装,这使一切变得更容易!

当我创建第二个网站时,我体验到了这种自动化的新事物 Nomadlife101. 它确实很容易使用。


bluehost bluerock公司



I signed up with Elegant Themes (which gives you access to a big bunch of different themes and plugins (a plugin is an option that you can add to your website to make it faster, better and friendlier). A lot of people sign up with Theme Forest too.

Here are examples of what you can do with Divi (the theme I use with Elegant Themes). It’s a drag and drop kind of template which makes it super easy to understand. It also comes with pre-made layouts if you’re not very good with design.

All my current websites are made with Divi – you can consult them here, here and here to see demos of what you can do with Divi themes.




Watch this video to learn how to install and set up Divi Theme in WordPress.



6. Create High-Quality Content For Your Travel Blog

It’s time to work!  So, what’s a great post? It’s a post that people are going to love.  You want to keep your readers with you, so make sure you have great content so they will be willing to comment, subscribe, follow you, and share it with their friends/followers.  This is how you are going to get traffic.

Do you have a shareable trigger? Can we all relate? Is this better than what you can already find online?

One thing I learned over the years is to learn SEO. Driving traffic through Google is one of the best ways to get sustainable traffic. You have to create content that will answer questions and that would be helpful for people. 

If you wish to learn SEO, join SEO from Scratch. This is my online course about SEO for bloggers.

7. Promote Your Content

You can have a look at my secret tips to increase your blog traffic.  I wrote this post about traffic growth after a couple of months of blogging.  Now, I feel I discovered a lot more about blogging.

So, what’s promoting exactly?  Promoting is the way you’ll get your post noticed out there.  Once you have your good content, you’ll probably need some readers… right?  

你需要考虑营销/促销策略。 这需要做很多工作。这很难。 而且是全新的。 但如果我能用英语(甚至不是我的母语)来做,你也可以!

在社交媒体上推广你的文章是获得流量的最佳方式。 您可以在Facebook上共享您的文章,制定Pinterest战略(Pinterest是我的#2推荐!),加入许多博客作者的Facebook群,在那里我们可以互相帮助成长,并为此推特无数次!确保你也有一个邮件列表。




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